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European Elections 2019:
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Election 2019

From 23-26 May, the European elections take place. This is our only chance, once every 5 years, to have a direct influence on the course of the European Union. But are elections really enough to ensure democracy?

We don't think so! That's why we are campaigning for fundamental democratic reforms of the EU - by putting citizens center stage!

If Brexit and the rise of euroscepticism across the continent teaches us one thing, it is that the EU can no longer afford to be an elitist, expert-led project. If the EU wishes to survive, business as usual is no longer an option, and it needs to find credible ways of involving citizens directly in the fundamental debate on the future of Europe.

We demand that the new European Parliament takes the lead in the democratic reform of the EU and pledges to:

  • Advocate for the organization of randomly-selected citizens’ assemblies in order to develop concrete citizens’ recommendations on the democratic future of Europe;
  • Ensure that citizens’ recommendations are followed up by means of legislative proposals, including a proposal for Treaty change, if necessary;
  • Advocate for all citizens to be given a final say on the outcome of a possible Convention, which is required in case of Treaty change by Article 48 of the Treaty on European Union;
  • Establish a parliamentary intergroup on the future of European democracy in order to design a roadmap for democratic reform, exploring the above-mentioned proposals.

Sign The Petition For A Truly Democratic Europe!


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