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The EU is in the deepest crisis since its beginning. The European elections on May 26th are a choice of fate. We need a new, positive vision for Europe. Until now, the „Common European House“ has been more like an impregnable administrative building than a versatile open building for the different people and their needs. In this book, we set stone by stone the elements for a renovated European House based on extended democracy, citizen participation, solidarity, human rights and climate protection.

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European Parliament with blossing trees

The past European Parlamentary elections have shown that the citizens have great trust in this institution. Now it is time to take the next step and to initiate a democratic overhaul of the EU in order to strengthen it in the face of the incoming multitude of challenges.

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From 23-26 May, the European elections take place. This is our only chance, once every 5 years, to have a direct influence on the course of the European Union. But are elections really enough to ensure democracy?

We don't think so! That's why we are campaigning for fundamental democratic reforms of the EU - by putting citizens center stage!

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A campfire is a place where people meet. In former times they met to talk about the topics of common interest. Think of Red Indian or Germanic tribes (the famous Althing in Iceland f.e.). The modern public campfire is Parliament. In public debate the deputies dispute the pros and cons of a topic and decide by simple majority. But where is the campfire on European level?

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