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Towards The Conference On The Future Of The EU

EU reform, Lack of democracy, Lead candidates

On 15th January the European Parliament adopted a "Resolution on the Conference on the Future of Europe". In it the Parliament describes its ideas on the scope, concept, structure, procedure and timetable of this conference, which was convened by the new Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. These proposals are, in terms of scope, differentiation, transparency and participation requirements, among the best ever decided by an EU institution. One might almost say that if even a fraction of them were to be implemented, it would be a giant step forward in the culture of participation at EU level. Moreover, these proposals also set standards for the participation culture in those member…

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Switzerland's Concordance Democracy and the Possible Application for the EU Commission

Lead candidates, EU reform, Lack of democracy

Switzerland has no government in the usual sense to steer the country in one direction or the other. That's why Nassim Taleb says it doesn't have a government, but a "non-government". The executive branch is headed by a seven-member board of directors, the so-called "Federal Council", which is composed of all major parties in a non-partisan manner, and which decides by consensus. It adopts ordinances to which it is authorised by law, submits the financial plan (budget), implements laws and court rulings, administers the budget and represents Switzerland in external relations.

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The leaders of the European Union guide democracy in name only. In practice, they constantly override it and violate fundamental democratic norms on a grand scale. The anti-democratic practices in the Council of the EU, also known as the Council of Ministers, are a real scandal. Anyone who follows the passage of legislation in the EU, and in particular the means by which monetary union is controlled, must come to this conclusion.

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A campfire is a place where people meet. In former times they met to talk about the topics of common interest. Think of Red Indian or Germanic tribes (the famous Althing in Iceland f.e.). The modern public campfire is Parliament. In public debate the deputies dispute the pros and cons of a topic and decide by simple majority. But where is the campfire on European level?

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